Profile : Andreas Sapta Finady, SH

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PROFILE : Andreas Sapta Finady, SH



An excellent and experience lawyer who is more than able to offer advise on the law, legal procedures and a wide range of associated issues. Maxine possesses and always demonstrate professionalism in all his dealings with clients and has extensive knowledge of legal. He is an expert at applying the law to specific situation faced by a client. Right now he is looking for suitable position with a dynamic and rapidly expanding company that want to recruit the best legal out there.



The Chairman of Arifin Ratu Taga Tutuarima as an advocate of the Supreme Court of Indonesia, duli admited and practicing as such in Indonesia, by the degree of the Indonesian Mininstry of Justice.

He started his legal consultant carier since 2004  was hired as a lawyer at Fify Letty Indra & Partners in Jakarta. In 2007 (Mr. Basuki Tjahaja Purnama sister), he moved to Arifin Wirsamulia Lawfirm as  assistant managing partner of Mr. Ferry Wirsamulia, he was also  hired as a lawyer contributor for Hotman Paris Hutapea Law Office in Jakarta in 2014 in Drafted and negotiated joint venture agreements, corporation agreements and technical and services agreements.

He as a legal advisor has assisted for several companies local and foreign company such as Ambercity Hospice, Caliofrnia – in United States of America as a mediator contributor for internal company domestic dispute; PT Securindo Packatama Indonesia (or Secure Parking) in the lawsuits filed by customers for motor vehicle loss and damage and by employees due to termination, PT Energizer Indonesia as a plaintiff in the claim for nonperformance against a sub-distributor, Represented National Utility Helicopters as the drafter of contracts and agreements with lessees, Evolve Technology Pte., Ltd., Singapore in the mediation activities with PT Bandung Arta Mas, Istana Bandung Electronic Center, Bandung, and Raffles Design Institute as a corporate lawyer (2008-2010). in the drafting of employment and other labor contracts and cooperative agreements also represented as a legal advisor to the Directorate General of Account and Legal Department, specially for International Trade Office, Minister of Foreign Affairs and External Trade, Kuala Lumpur.

Andreas Sapta Finady act successfully for Legal advisor to Philippine citizens in the country until now.




ANDREAS SAPTA FINADY & REKAN, Bengkayan – Kalimantan Barat

Legal Konsultan PT. Media Telusur Raya

Founder  Arifin Ratu Taga Tutuarima & Associates

Shareholder for Raffles Design Institute – Jakarta

Director for Konrad Indonesia., PT

Director for First Concept Indonesia., PT

Regulatory for Justone Indonesia Foundation

Commissioner of Roemah Djingga PT



Corporate, and Consumer dispute resolution also divorce; working permits and also including immigration matter for such clients regarding to enter, remain and work in Indonesia; handling manpower, which includes the drafting or reviewing work contract/agreement, company regulations or collective labor agreement, advising on termination of employment and other labor problems in general and arranging for working permit, visas, and other documents related to immigration affairs.



Advocate & Legal Consulting by Yan Apul & Founders, Jakarta

Legal Actions by the Atma Jaya Indonesian Catholic University



Bachelor of Laws, Atma Jaya Indonesian Catholic University at Jakarta

Advocate and Legal Consulting by the Indonesian Advocates Association

Seminars by  The Congress of Indonesian Advocates



Ambercity Hospice, Caliofrnia – USA

PT. Media Telusur Raya, Bekasi

Raffless   Education Corporation, Singapore

Pura Indah Business Lounge, Banda Soekarno Hatta, Tangerang

Denfoss Group Limited, Kuala Lumpur

Indonesia Mandiri Pratama, PT

Sunny Motor, PT

Indoprima Bharatakrida, PT Jakarta

Gees Cipta Makmur, PT Jakarta

Astrico, PT Jakarta

Samudera Indonesia, PT Jakarta

Indoguna Into Persada, PT Jakarta

Swara Gangsing, PT Jakarta

Lam sky Indonesia, PT Jakarta

Damn Inc, (perizinan KITAS, KITAP TKWNA) PT Jakarta

Papajaya Agung, Steel Service Centre & Steel Strapping Manufacturer PT Bekasi

Raffles Design Institute – Jakarta

Teach Indonesia School – Jakarta

Evolve Technologies Pvt. Ltd,Singapore

PT. Konrad Indonesia – Jakarta

PT. Brema Impressa – Jakarta

CV Cipta Pratama Kreasindo – Jakarta

CV. Ciptarasa Jaya – Bandung

Satu Bintang Management & Partners – Jakarta

PT. Abiel archipelago persada – Jakart

Great People Education – Denpasar, Bali

PT. Mulia Keramik – Jakarta

May May Salon – Jakarta

Barisan Anak Sorga Foundation – Jakarta

Joshua Ministry Foundation – Jakarta & Denpasar, Bali

Anak Indonesia Membangun Foundation – Jakarta & Nabire, Irian Jaya

Justone Indonesia Foundation – Jakarta

Filipino Community

And another divorces & family law clients, we highly respect for they privacy.

REFERENCE – Available on request


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